How To Draw Graffiti Letter A

Graffiti is an ancient category of art which is not much different than the drawing.As well as, it is a decent and fine category of the art. It is used in the public domain such as it is generally drawn on the walls. If you want to draw on the paper, can draw too.

If you are new to graffiti and want to know how to draw a graffiti letter then you should remember that it is an art that is based on the creativity of mind. You must have some patience to draw graffiti.

How To Draw Graffiti letter A (Uppercase)

Before starting drawing, you must have some essential elements such as pencil, marker, dark color pen and some colorful pen etc.

In the following section, you will Learn a step by step guidelines on how to draw a graffiti letter uppercase & lowercase A,a. I hope you may be inspired while drawing

  • Start with just lines
  • Then draw bars or outlines 

sketches around the actual lines

  • Add serifs, arrows and bits with red colour  to decorate it
  • Add dark markers around the outside edges of the letter.

How To Draw Graffiti a (Lowercase)

  • Just draw a tag letter with pencil
  • Draw the same tag with a dark Marker 
  • Add 3D block
  • Fill in the 3D block with a dark marker to decorate it.

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