How To Draw Graffiti Letter B

On the page we came back with another graffiti on how to draw the letter B . In this article I really want to show  how you can draw graffiti letter B  in a simple style. 

I think this content will help you to draw the graffiti letter B easily. Step by step guidelines has been given below.

Step 01: Draw the outline Sketch and add actual lines to draw the graffiti designs.

How To Draw Graffiti letter B Step 1

Step 02: Add a basic colour around the letters.

Graffiti letter B Step 2

Step 03: Add a dark marker to darken it and add block to make the graffiti look 3D

Graffiti letter b step 3

Step 04: Use a light coloured pen inside the letter to give it an attractive design. 

How to draw graffiti letters step 4

Thanks for visiting our page. I hope this content helped you to draw the graffiti letter B easily and in less time.

If you missed something or didn’t understand anything on this page, you can comment below to let us know.

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